Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh Wesley!

So Wesley's cousin was playing football and Wes went to one of his games and came home and said, "mom, I can play because those guys are wimps. I can knock them down". And so we signed Wes up for tackle football. He loved it. He was the tallest on the team and one of the largest so he got to practice some intimidation tactics.
He was awesome! We loved watching his games. We got Grandma Sunny, Papa Boyd, Nanni and Poppy, Aunt Jodi and whoever else we could grab to come watch the games with us. I hope he signs up next season.


AZAlgers said...

How fun to see some posts from you! What a busy summer you guys had. I can't believe both of you still have grandparents that are living. Hope all of you are doing well and getting settled in. We miss you!

Sunshine said...

My goodness he is so grown up! What a cute kid!

Sharr said...

oh my gosh! i'm so impressed! everytime i say i'm going to "catch up" my blog, i just say "screw it" and move on...

such a busy year for you! and such fun adventures you've been able to go on too!

i've always wanted to be a part of the relay for life, maybe i'll sign up next year... such a great thing. very touching. i didn't know your mom was a survivor.

hope you're getting all moved in and making some good friends to take care of you :o) it's been a little strange to not have your family at church every week... you were kind of a staple in the ward :o)

Susan said...

She lives! I hope your Pringles held out throught the trip. I hope all is well with you. Please email me with your new contact information .

Guess what??? We didn't fit all our stuff in one trip either. What a mess. We all had to go back the next week to finish up. My dad just delivered it yesterday. It's like starting to unpack all over again. Blech.

Glad to catch up with your life through your blogs.

I hope you are healthy and happy and singing as you go.

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