Wednesday, September 2, 2009

April 09

We grabbed the family and my parents and headed to Rocky Point for a quick trip to the beach. We had one SUPER FANTASTIC day and then came hell!

The night we got there we found a campground right on the beach and it seemed to be nice. We found a place away from everybody- we like peace and quiet.

By about 7pm the winds started to pick up and so did the partying. We had several EXTREMELY LOUD neighbors. In fact one neighbor had a party with loud Latino music blaring until 3am.

The winds picked up so much that things were blowing off the tent trailer we were camping in! Nobody slept all night. Morning came and we were gathering our belongings from clear down the road. The wind was horrendous! When I lifted my foot to take a step the wind blew off my flip flops. It was awful!

But here are some pictures of our wonderful first day. What a sunset!