Wednesday, September 2, 2009

May 09

May was a busy month! After the baby blessing Geoff and I celebrated our 15th anniversary on a cruise- our first. My parents watched the kids while we left it all behind for 7 days. We went from Long Beach, CA up the coast and into Canada then back down the coast. When we got to Vancouver we got to rent a car and go see Geoff's grandparents for a quick visit and lunch out on the town. So glad we got to do that! We had a fantastic time together! Here are a few pictures for evidence. The picture of the house is the house that was used in the movie, "Goonies". We walked right up to it! The picture of the other couple were Aaron and Hilary Croft. They shared a dinner table with us every night and the two guys were our awesome waiters. Geoff was able to walk right up to some sea lions napping on the dock. They didn't like to too much and barked at him quite a bit but he got some good pictures for proof.