Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ahhhhhh, the kids are back in school

What a great day it is when summer is over and it's time for the kids to go back to school! Yes, I'm one of those moms who celebrate the day. Oh, I read many blogging posts from my friends about how emotional the day is (especially if you have a kindergartner). It is an emotional day for me too. EXTREME HAPPINESS! IT'S PARTY TIME FOR MOM!
We had a meet the teacher night a few nights before school started. When I went to meet Caleb's teacher, my youngest son, she handed me a packet of information and included in it was an interesting little ziplock bag. After closer examination I couldn't believe what I was seeing! The contents included a tissue, a bag of soothing tea and a cute little poem something about...... there will be tears when your child starts 1st grade so use the tissue...... and use this soothing tea to comfort yourself........ I immediately handed the bag back to the teacher and asked if I could have the party bag instead. I'm not sure she appreciated that all too much.

Beach, Summer 2008

This summer was Caleb's 6th birthday and we had a great party with neighborhood friends! We went on a treasure hunt, had a bubble blowing contest, a balloon popping contest, pinata (of course!) and decorated our own cupcakes. What a great time!

Fishing with the Johnson's

Here are some photos of an fhe fishing trip to a nearby neighborhood lake with some of our good friends. You can see that Maylee caught the grand prize winner! The tiniest catch of all.

It was a dare and well, if you have boys you know that a dare can not go unattempted. He was supposed to kiss the fish. He did.

Friday, August 15, 2008

This is the back view with the shingles on both back dormers.
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This is a view of the front. The shingles were just put on. There will be shingles on the other dormer in the front, not yet finished

Closer view of the front dormer

This is a front/side view of logs, batt and board and shingles

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Dan Nicolds and Dan Adair took over the building project after my brother, Kevin left.

This is the bathroom upstairs. Obviously unfinished but we couldn't wait to see how the tub will look so we put the tub in temporarily.

This is the loft flooring that Geoff and I just stained.Posted by Picasa
Geoff was fascinated with the scaffolding used

These beams all join together in the bathroom

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Front view

Back two dormers and patio

Wall of windows and back patio

Front view
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Master bath jacuzzi tub
Front door unstained

Before and after pictures of the front door unstained and stained

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Row row row your boat gently down the stream.....

This is Wesley's raft he made while we were camping. He decided to give it a try on the small river nearby. I think it was a scout requirement--- to get it to float.Posted by Picasa