Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mormon Message

I LOVE those Mormon Messages!!! I found this one tonight. Wes and I watched it and I looked over at him and said, "wow! that makes me cry." This one is a tear jerker for me. I hope this works and I can get it copied here so you can watch it. (it may take a few edits-- be sure to pause my playlist so the music is not a distraction!)

A couple of years ago when we were getting ready for our annual Christmas humanitarian project in Mexico I watched my dad grab some clothes we were organizing into various bags to be distributed among the Mexican people and he began to stuff the pockets with money. This reminds me so much of him. This is my dad's character. He is my hero!

I guess we just never know what our random acts of kindness will do for others. We truly can be tools in the Lord's hands.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Who was it???

When we moved (that story to come later) I left my house needing to be cleaned. Geoff has been back a couple of times to the house and he told me that some of my darling friends cleaned my house for me!!!

Darling friends--- please confess so I can send a proper thank you! I have a big feeling that one of them was somebody who's name starts with J, has an o and a d in the middle and ends with i. I think there were more. I think the other may start with L and end with i also.

Whoever you are you just can't know how much I appreciate that!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random thoughts and sayings

The other day Ashlyn said, "I'm getting tired of having patience"
I just thought that was funny.

I drove by a sign that read, "Thanksgiving is a word of action"

I listened to a youth speaker at church quote somebody who said something like....where there is gratitude there is humility.