Friday, February 27, 2009


OH how I wish I was more eloquent to describe to you what I felt yesterday.

There often comes into our hearts (when we let it) this grand sense of peace and I felt that yesterday.

Earlier in the day I received the kindest email from one of my friends and I won't tell you that her name was Laurel and she's in my ward. It's amazing to me what kind words do for somebody. They bring smiles to faces and love into the heart. Oh the power!

My kids came home from school, well 3 of them. Wes gets home later. I love that part of the day. They are always excited to tell me about this or that- always all 3 of them at the same time too, I might add. Anyway- they got their homework done quickly and headed off to the park. I decided to join them.

This may seem silly but it was so enjoyable. I chatted with another friend, whom I greatly admire and I won't mention that her name is Rachelle and she's in my ward also. I'm awed by her. What a great mom. What a great friend. What a great example. After she left I picked a spot in the grass to sit and soak in the sun. It was almost sunset. It was about 75 degrees, barely any wind blowing and I noticed how beautiful the sun looks on the trees just before sunset. It's that amber color that jumps right out. Looking up into the sky I saw 2 planes, quite far from each other, but they made those white tails that linger in the sky after them. There were a few clouds scattered here and there- the kind that aren't big and fluffy- the ones that are a hint of cloud- the skinny kind.
I heard my kids in the distance laughing with each other and I remembered the kind note sent to me through email and I sat and smiled and smiled and smiled.

It was a deep sense of peace.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tonight Tyler had a blue and gold banquet for scouts. There was a pie making contest althought they didn't give out any awards. Geoff and Tyler made a strawberry pie together. Way to go, guys!

Here is Tyler eating his yummy pie! It was pretty darn good.

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Lunch for today was....

leftover birthday cake from my mom's surprise party that Amy Scott made, (IT WAS OH SO YUMMY!)
and to be healthy I threw down some V8 juice.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Queen Creek Stake Women's Conference

We've been working really hard to pull together our first stake women's conference. It's going to be so much fun! Please mark your calendars if you haven't already.
Here are some details:

Queen Creek Stake Women's Conference
"Encircled in His Love"
Saturday, February 21st from 9am till noon

We will have 2 guest speakers, President Clark from the Mesa Temple and sister Nielsen.
I know you are familiar with the temple president. It will be wonderful to hear from him.
Sister Nielsen is the mother of Christian Nielsen. He and his wife, Stephanie (aka nienie) were in a plane crash and survived this past summer.

We will also have 3 mini classes:
Creating a celestial environment in the home
Live simply, laugh often, love deeply
Mothers and daughters

We will also be serving you lunch and dessert!
You just can't miss this- it will be WONDERFUL!