Wednesday, September 2, 2009

April 09

In April my mom was an honoree at the "Relay for Life" in Queen Creek. This is a 24 hour walking relay. Those who participate help raise money for a cure for cancer.
They start the entire night with the survivors walking together just after sun down. Geoff, Jodi and I got to join my mom as she walked with the survivors in their "survivor lap". It was really a neat experience. I was really touched to see perfect strangers interlock hands and arms as they walked together no doubt remembering their fight to survive. They had the track field lined with luminaries with names of those who lost their battle. We walked, quietly, remembering not only the struggles our family members went through but what others may have gone through as well as we passed each of those luminaries. It was amazing. Quiet. Reverent.

I love you, mom! Thank you for letting us join you that night. It's something I won't soon forget.