Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grandpa turned 90!

In February my grandpa turned 90 this year. We had a huge party with friends and family and had such a fun time.

My favorite things about grandpa:

He LOVES chocolate
He LOVES ice cream
He always has candy and soda around the house and in every corner
He's one good looking grandpa
He calls me Les
He can make a coin go from one ear, knock it around in his head and make it come out the other ear. (He wears dentures)
He's been to most of my special events- baptism, graduation, baby blessings, etc.
He gives the best hugs
He loves to tease and be teased
He's a master carpenter- actually just stopped working last year!
He gets emotional telling stories from his past
He has a soft heart
He has a strong testimony
He loves me back!

I'll have to post pictures of him later. The office is in a scramble right now!