Monday, September 7, 2009

Keys in the Toilet

Here's a long story that nobody cares about.

Yesterday was a lovely day at church. It really was. It was a beautiful day and I was surrounded by wonderful people.

I drove to church so I was responsible for the keys.

After Sacrament I made a pit stop before going into Sunday school. Geoff took my scriptures and went ahead to save me a seat. I went into the bathroom stall, looked around for a place to set my keys and found what I thought was the best place; the top of the toilet tank. What I didn't know was that this tank was slanted just ever so slightly. I put my keys there and began to get ready to use the toilet when all of a sudden the keys went kirplunck! Right into the toilet! They sank right down to the bottom, of course.

I sat there for several minutes with a wrinkled forehead, really just stunned. I rolled my eyes a few times, even thought about swearing. I didn't though (mostly because I was at church not because I don't know any swear words!). I said several "Oh my gosh" es and decided that the only way to remedy the problem was to stick my hand down the toilet and get the keys. Well else would I get them out??? Of course I would've grabbed a plastic bag had that happened at home. Well forget that! I would have bribed Tyler or yelled at Geoff to save me or anything. But no- there was nobody but me. So I did it. Yep- stuck my hand down the toilet, well by the time I got to the keys half of my arm was also in the toilet. YUCK!

I washed up- several times- and scrubbed the keys with soap. Thank goodness there was an ample supply of soap that day.

I went to Sunday school, found Geoff who had saved me a seat and told him I dropped the keys in the toilet. He leaned over and said, "it seems like you've dropped your whole life in the toilet so why not the keys". Yes, it was symbolic.


Eva said...

If you ever drop your keys onto a river of molten lava, let 'em go because man, they're gone.

AZAlgers said...

That's a good one! At least it was before using and not after!

Anonymous said...

At least it was a Holy Toilet, and not the gross ones at Walmart or anywhere else... count your blessings, it could have been worse =)

Okay I give you Kuddos I wouldnt have been able to do it! LOL

Susan said...

I'd have done it for you. I've touched waaayyy worse.

Emi said...

Way to go my friend! and to think the whole time I was in the same bldg. totally unaware! I know you have done worse things though! I agree with Leilani though.... best before than after...HAHAHAA!
:) By the way, this is Katie, not Emi!

Sharr said...

that was kind of harsh.... lol... i hope next time you find a level toilet :o) or have a pocket :o)

Jodi said...

I don't know how you do it, but you always seem to get laughter AND tears out of me!

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