Monday, September 7, 2009

My Dear Moms

Let me write about Sunny.

I met Sunny in a funny way, kindof. I went to Geoff's homecoming talk at his ward in Mesa. I was living in Tucson. Geoff and I had become good friends through mail while he was on his mission so I decided to go to his homecoming talk. Afterwards he invited me to a little luncheon that his mom was putting on. That's the first time I met Sunny. I remember that day.

There's lots to love about Sunny. Lots and lots. I wish I knew her a little better but I know her well enough to see what a wonderful person she is.

She is a woman of independence. Her love is dance. She has been dancing since she could walk. She's taken this love and talent to make a successful business. She has been teaching dance for several years and has had several hundred students probably even thousands.

She is loved by many people and has been a great influence on many. She has a great talent of making friends. She laughs at herself. She's a great story teller- she'll keep you for hours telling a story ;) She's a humanitarian.

When I think of Sunny I think of strength and faith and trust in the Lord. I love her testimony of the gospel. In fact, most times when we're talking she takes our conversation somewhere having to do with the gospel. I love that! She's often shared with me an experience she had at the temple, of visiting teaching, or something she's read or understood better in the scriptures or a chat she had with one of her church leaders or a lesson that was discussed during Relief Society or Sunday School. I LOVE this! She has a beautiful, strong testimony of the gospel. She knows who she is. She knows what she stands for. She has taught her children the gospel and for that I am eternally grateful.

She is a woman of courage. Even in such challenging times as now she is a woman of faith, hope and strength.

I love you, Sunny!

Let me now tell you a little about my mom.

I'm drawn to her priorities. First she loves the Lord. She loves my dad and she loves her family.

She has been my best friend for years. She is a source of light and strength for me. The thing that most impresses me about my mom is her devotion to the gospel and our family. She loves and loves and loves and loves deeply. I know my mom loves me without any question.

She is an example of unselfish service too. One of my favorite memories of her was when I was growing up in Tucson. She was ALWAYS making something to give away. She made scrumptious homemade bread, cookies, cakes and dinners. Many times she was cooking for somebody else. In fact everytime she was making something a member of the family would come in and ask if that was for us. Her answer was usually, "no, it's for the family down the street" or "no, it's for somebody in the ward". It seemed that she was always making something for somebody else. Sometimes when we asked who it was for she would giggle and say, "it's for our family". Now it's kindof a family joke. Whenever she's making something that smells so good we joke with each other over this memory.

She's a perfectionist! She taught me to make things right. Well.....she tried to teach me that, anyway. We laugh at each other in the kitchen because she's so perfect and I'm so NOT! She follows recipes to the T and it's far and few between that I even find a recipe. She sets the timer when she's mixing a cake! I just guess and mix until it looks good.

My mom taught me how to pray, to read the scriptures, to have faith, to hope, to serve others, to love my spouse. She tried to teach me how to keep the house clean, to keep up on the laundry, to have dinner ready for my husband every night, to make my bed everyday but these things didn't sink in. She loves me for my diversity and rebellious spirit anyway.

She's a natural teacher. It is, in my opinion, one of her greatest talents. I love to listen to her teach the gospel. I love to hear her testimony. I know she's touched many with her testimony and understanding of the gospel. That has become my greatest blessing- the teachings of the gospel from my mom.

She's also a survivor! When she was diagnosed with breast cancer about 5 years ago I prayed hard. I couldn't imagine life without her and I told the Lord that. I was living in Queen Creek at the time and she was still in Tucson. She had begun chemo therapy and her hair was falling out all over the place. I took on the job of shaving her head for her. I remember the drive down to Tucson that day was very short because my thoughts were of her the entire drive down. I told the Lord that if he needed her more to help me understand but that I thought we needed her more in our lives right here. I reasoned with the Lord asking him how her work anywhere else could be any more important than what she can do in and for her family. I pleaded with him to give us more time. Well.....we have it. I love her in my life and in my family's life. I need her. We need her and until it's time for her to go I'm going to get as much out of her as is possible!!!

These are a few of the things that most impress me about my mom.

I love you, mom!