Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dinner experience 3 nights ago

Caleb: "Mom, this soup has bugs in it"
Me: "no it doesn't. It's just the seasoning I put in it."
Tyler: "Then your seasonings have legs because mine has legs also."

After checking my soup thoroughly I had to concede.

I noticed that I had a bunch of cream cheese in the fridge so I planned to get some milk and broccoli with my food order at the Bishop's Storehouse, which I did. I decided that I would make a huge pot of it and have it for a couple of days. We had it one night without any gliches (concerns about leggy seasoning). It was the second night when we had it for leftovers that the legs were discovered!

I have a huge container of chicken bouillon and it is about 5 years old. Apparently you can't keep bouillon that long. Unless you like leggy seasoning. And then some could argue the added protein is good for you. I, for one, don't like leggy soup or seasonings so the whole pot was dumped.

So was the bouillon.