Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Mountain

One of the perks of living in Pleasant View is that we live at the base of some beautiful mountains. We discovered that there are several hiking trails on these mountains. It's a 7 minute drive to the start of the hike. We started hiking this mountain last year during the fall season and loved it! I could hardly wait till the snow melted to get back up there. One of the hikes is about an 11 mile round trip hike but for a daily hike I just go about 2 miles up to a lookout that is stunning. Every other day I go a little farther and one day I'll make the 11 mile roundtrip hike. I hike up and run down. The other day while I was running down I passed a man who said, "wow, you have way more energy than I do" to which I replied, "yes I do. My extra energy is stored in my backside. See my three rear ends"? He laughed and I told him not to rub it in next time.

This hike has become one of my newest best friends. It has heard my cries, my prayers and my gratitude. It's also teaching me so much.

The other day it was windy as heck and I decided that I was going anyway. There are several switch backs. I was cursing the wind the entire time until I got to the last switch back. Just as I was the most tired and had been fighting this wind the whole way up- almost blew my hat off a few times- I realized that on my last switchback the wind was blowing me forward and pushing me along. It became easy to get to my goal.

I think this has been my last few weeks. I feel opposition in many ways and the challenges are regular. When I have felt the most tired the Lord puts out a lifeline. Sometimes it's a friend who asks how I am and REALLY wants to know how I am. Sometimes it's a phone call from my parents (who are my best coaches!). Sometimes it's an unexpected gift dropped off at the door. Sometimes it's understanding as I read the scriptures. Sometimes it's a check in the mail. Lots of times it's a hug from Tyler and flowers from Caleb (he brings me flowers everyday! I don't know who's yard they come from but THANK YOU neighbors for planting such beautiful flowers for Caleb to pick and me enjoy at my desk or in the kitchen). It's tight squeezes from Geoff. It's personal revelation and feeling the Spirit. It's realizing that we have been blessed in so many ways.

I'm learning that the Lord will always be there but most especially when I feel my most tired. He will always be there.


Kate said...

One day I will have to come on that journey with you... One day... I love you girl and I am always interested in how you are. Take me with you one day.. K!

Lingshan said...

Dear Lezlie Brady,

Nice to meet you at Natalie Jolley’s blog !

I am from China and live in Ogden UT.
It seems to me that we have the same interests.
Where do you live now ?

Your friend Lingshan lai