Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Smarter Everyday!

I'm...I'm....I'm becoming a smarter mom! I'm tongue tied, actually. Ok- I'm so excited I just had to share! It has to do with laundry, Tyler and Caleb.

So the boys room has been a huge mess for days. Today I had enough with the mess and made them stop playing to clean their rooms. I know, duh! Should've done that a LONG time ago but they capitalize on my absentmindedness(could that be one whole word?) and busy-ness (I purposefully didn't want to say business-because there is none!) that I just haven't been the world's greatest mother. That's right, no "Mother of the Year" award--AGAIN.

ok- anyway. So Tyler and Caleb are cleaning their room and I make an effort to get my buns upstairs and just check in with them when to my horror I find Caleb bringing down this MOUNTAIN of laundry. Just looking at it at a glance I see clothes that I KNOW they haven't worn for a while but there they are---IN THE DIRTY LAUNDRY PILE.

So I say, "don't even think about it!". Then I tell them that they will go through every piece of laundry and check to see if it is clean or dirty and that the pile better be AT LEAST half the size when they are done. I leave to use the restroom.

I have revelation while using the restroom! No joke. I clean up and go back to the boys room all smug and smart and everything and I say, "ok- I take that back. You can put as much laundry in the laundry room as you want but you won't be able to play again until the dirty laundry has been washed, dried, folded and put away by yourselves. One load of laundry will take about an hour and a half."


See??, I AM getting smarter!


AZAlgers said...

Brilliant! Of course they may be wearing dirty clothes :)

Brenda said...

Ha! Ha! You're a genius!! Nothing irks me more than CLEAN clothes, (and I've even had FOLDED clothes) ending up in the laundry....SIGH!!! Hang in there! So good to hear from the Brady BUNCH! Say hi to everyone for me!!

Krissy said...

Lezlie, pure genius. This is the reason, my boys are doing their laundry as well. Ty is the worst. I just figure, when he runs out of socks and undies, he'll have to do laundry. You are a great mom and you do deserve "MOTHER OF THE YEAR", as well as "Friend of the Year", "Entrepreneur of the Year", "Teacher of the Year", etc.

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