Thursday, October 22, 2009

You know it's bad when......

You know it's bad when you can't afford to be the tooth fairy.

Caleb keeps losing teeth and I don't have a dime! Just today he lost another tooth. Then he put it in a little paper cup filled with a little water (the tooth fairy pays more for clean teeth) and set the darn thing right next to the sink in the kitchen. So guess what I did when it was time to tidy up in the kitchen? Yep, looked at that little paper cup and knew it needed to be thrown away. I dumped the water down the kitchen drain and threw out the cup. Then I started to rinse the dishes in the sink but the sink was plugged so I ran the disposal!
You can imagine how Caleb felt when he came in, so excited and asked me where I put the little cup with his tooth in it.
So how do you fix that you wonder? You write a note to the tooth fairy explaining that you put your tooth in a cup cept your mom cleaned the kitchen and threw the cup away and don't forget the p.s. part.....the tooth was extra clean!
Anyway- a small part of me was so excited because then I wouldn't have to figure out where to find a buck. What ever happened to $.25 for a tooth? It's Geoff's fault. All his fault. He's the one who started handing out dollar bills for teeth. Well so now I have to make up for this whole thing and make it really good. Maybe I'll just stick my credit card under his pillow.

Come on guys- add your "you know it's bad when....". I'd love to hear it. Come on! There's got to be something better than mine.


Brenda said...

Well...I can't even tell you how many times I have completely FORGOTTEN to be the tooth fairy! How do you react to, "Mom the tooth fairy never came!" and the tears! This is what I would do "I bet she's had a busy night and just isn't here yet! Hurry and jump back in bed and close your eyes so she can come!"...and then I would pretend to tuck them in a slip the "DOLLAR" under the pillow...I'm such a BAD toothfairy!

Hey...we miss you guys! Tell your kids Mrs. Nevitt says HI!

Stacey said...

Ah, I forget all the time, usually because I need to shake out the pants to find a quarter, nickel or penny to leave under the pillow. It was fine when it was just one kid, but Emily lost her first tooth and Hannah had lost one a couple days before so we told her that the tooth fairy must have known and didn't want to make two trips. Seriously, our tooth fairy has left the "loosest" change and amounts. It's always the fun part to see just what and how much she leaves! Some months are better than other, but now with two kids losing teeth it's breaking the bank! Miss you!

Kate said...

Wow, when have you had time to blog? 'cause I KNOW where you've been! OK, don't get me started on the tooth fairy! I have forged documents...letters, I mean, from Krissy,... I mean the tooth fairy, in my cedar chest. Our poor tooth fairy chased more than one of my children back and forth from Ut. to AZ MORE than one time. So, sometimes she was just too busy building her castle of teeth, that she had to come by next year! Oh, yeah! THAT my friend is why you are my friend! I can ALWAYS make you feel better about your own life!
cute story!

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